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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Plaschke Hurls A Meatball Over The Plate On Teixeira

We all, by now, know the reasons the Angels really should sign Mark Teixeira, and chief among them is the fact that he's offensively anti-Angels Way insofar as we understand it today — and that this is a good thing. There simply isn't that much, therefore, to say in response to today's Bill Plaschke piece advocating the at-any-costs re-signing of the businesslike Teixeira; for once, Plaschke has managed to get the main theme right. But
If Teixeira walks, so does a chunk of Moreno's Angels mystique, as if he suddenly announced he were doubling beer prices.

Moreno needs this. Scioscia needs this. The Angels need this.

All winter, Angels fans have been burdened with the memory of a failed suicide squeeze.

Sign Teixeira, and replace it with a homer.

Except that... one of my principle criticisms of him was that he failed to get any extra-base hits in the postseason. Even when he manages to get something right, Plaschke still misses important pieces of the picture.

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Forgot the <sarcasm> tags.
I wouldn't defend Plaschke before many audiences, save perhaps the Society for Middling Epigrams, but any generalizations out from post-season performance should remain ripe for ridicule. Lest we have Spiezio, Eckstein & Associates do our foundation work.
As you will, Maxwell, but I'm dealing with what actually happened rather than the speculative nature of Plaschke's column.

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