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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Saito's Contract "A Tough Call"

Takashi Saito appears to have problems with his elbow of the sort normally settled by Tommy John surgery. the Dodgers are waffling on re-signing him, partly because of his choice of an exotic, unproven treatment for his ailing elbow:
The issue is his right elbow. He suffered a partial tear of a ligament that usually requires Tommy John ligament replacement surgery and a year off. But at age 38, Saito instead chose an experimental stem-cell injection and two months of rehabilitation. He returned to pitch six times in September and had a shaky playoff outing in Chicago but wasn't healthy enough to be included on the Dodgers' National League Championship Series roster.

So he ended the season physically unable to perform, and for negotiation purposes, that's how the club remembers him. He's back home in Japan now and the Dodgers have medical reports as far as they go, but there's no way to really know his health until he pitches regularly in games. ...

Some of this via Jon, who didn't provide the second link from the Hot Stove Blog.

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