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Friday, December 12, 2008

Tech: Something To Add To Your AdBlock Plus Filter

ESPN updated their MLB home page recently, so now it comes with a mandatory video that starts playing immediately upon page load, with no way that I can find to disable this misfeature. (Apparently the dimbulbs at ESPN never imagined people might by watching at work. Occasionally.) As a result, you might want to add the following to your AdBlock Plus filters:


Surely they've always had that on their site, including a playing-by-default highlights video on all their recaps - caught me out a few times while logging into espn mlb while in work, and the volume being up on my computer. I added that to my AdBlock a long time ago after googling around for it. Of course, I think it blocks the Gamecast on ESPN too. Mehhh....
Oh, man. Not that I ever used ESPN Gamecast (I prefer Yahoo's simple if not-quite-as-comprehensive design), but that stinks.

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