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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tony Reagins Huffing Glue, Offers Teixeira An 8-Year Deal

Dollars unknown, but assumed to be $20M/year. Gah.

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You forget that there's inflation likely in our future because of all the dollars we've had to print to fight the recent unpleasantness. 2015 dollars might not be worth much.
is Gah a new short hand word for saying "Cool Tony!great job!! You and Arte are awesome! Get r' done!"

Must be, because that's the way i feel when i hear that we are doing everything we can to sign Tex, a guy who's 15 WS in 50 games in Anaheim last season comes out to a mind blowing extrapolated 45 WS season. I'd pay $20 million/year for that type of player.
Yeah... it's just staggering what the going rate for top talent is.

Eight years is more what I'm troubled by.
At least it's top talent, though. I'd give Teixeira 10 years and $300 million before I'd give Gary Matthews Jr. 5/50.

The team's going to need an adept ballplayer during and after Vlad's decline, and Tex is one of the few players capable of taking on that role.

8 years is bad, but he'll be 36 at the end of the contract. It's so much better than signing, oh, Casey Blake or Manny Ramirez, both of whom are already well past their primes. $20-25M a year for 4 years of a great player's prime years and 4 years of merely being above league average is not outlandish.
If this is the market, then this is the market. I hope this gets it done. I have no problem with this deal.
I second Brian's definition of "Gah," and say it myself. Rarely, if ever, has a free agent fit our needs so precisely on every level. We would certainly be getting a lot more out of paying $25 million or whatever for Teixeira's age-35 season in 2015 than we will paying eight figures for GMJ's in 2010 and Hunter's in 2011.
Only one player deserves 300 million and ten years, and his name is Albert Pujols.

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