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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Followup: MLB Network On Time Warner Cable

Per Dan Garion's comments, I called Time Warner and asked for the Variety tier; I've now got MLB Network, hooray! Though, this comes at the expense of an extra $5/month and $2.95 to turn it on. The people at the cable office even knew what it was that I was talking about, though it took a little coaching from me about the specifics of what channel I was looking at. Thanks, Dan.


I'm glad I could help. Sorry that we charge money to charge you money, personally not a fan of that. Here is to hoping I get my MLB on the 13th, since it's been delayed twice. Funny thing by the time I get it I will be moving into my new house that already has it!
Bob Timmermann found out that South Pasadena wasn't scheduled to get MLB Network, so he's switching to AT&T U-Verse (he mentioned this in a recent DT thread).
Anyone caught a glimpse of THE SKI CHANNEL yet? I think MLB is great but this channel just launched and may have gone under the radar. Very good stuff on it.


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