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Friday, January 23, 2009

LA City Council Decries Dodgers' Trolley Tightness

blogdowntown updates us on the funding stalemate with the Dodger trolley:
Councilman Bill Rosendahl was particularly incensed that the Dodgers refused to help bear the costs of service in 2008. "I just think it's a cheap shot that a firm as successful as [the Dodgers] doesn't come up with the funds," he said during a June Transportation committee meeting.

While charging a fare would raise some revenue, LADOT says that the amount would fall far short of the cost of service. In its projections, LADOT concludes that $50,000 - $120,000 could be raised by charging a fare of $1 to $3. Given 81 home games, the higher of those ridership numbers would give an average of 617 fares per game. The 2008 service averaged roughly 700 riders.

The Dodgers are looking at advertising sponsorships as a way to pay for the service, but refuse to pay for it themselves.

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I would trade Brad Ausmus for Danny Ardoin and a shuttle.
How typically McCourt. As I said when this story first surfaced a month or two ago, it's sadly ironic that the shuttle may be doomed because it was a success. And from their perspective, why should the McCourts spend money to enable fans to avoid paying them the $15 for parking? To the narrow and penny-pinching minds of the McCourts, the stadium shuttle is a lose-lose proposition: it costs them money and deprives them of (apparently needed) revenue.

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