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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Olney On The Obvious: Andruw Jones' Career Might Be Over

No, really:
It is strange, but true, that Andruw Jones' career is in jeopardy, even before he turns 32 years old. Even with the Dodgers restructuring his contract so that he is owed about $5 million for 2009, there does not seem to be any line of teams forming to make a deal for him. The Mets apparently are not interested, and John Fay doesn't think the Reds will be, either, even at a minimum salary.

Jones looked awful last season, generating the kind of numbers that would earn most player an immediate ticket out of baseball -- he struck out 76 times in 209 at-bats, with a .158 batting average. He had many more strikeouts, in fact, than he had hits and walks combined (60). Scouts believe his defense is in serious regression, largely because … well, he's gotten large. "He's just too heavy to play at the level he used to play at in the outfield," one scout said on Saturday.

"He's fat," said another.

Via BTF.


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Update: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that, according to Scott Boras, the Dodgers will release Jones on January 15. Via Jon.



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