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Friday, January 02, 2009

Pickoff Moves

Rumor: Giants Offer Manny 4-Year Deal

San Francisco's CBS affiliate reports the Giants have made Manny Ramirez a 4-year offer. Yet, in that same story:
The chances of the Giants signing Ramirez, a 36-year-old left fielder, were unclear. A team spokesperson told CBS 5, "it's not happening."
So can we then surmise the crumb trail leads back to Scott Boras?

Via BTF.

Day One Of MLB Network, And I Still Don't Have It

Despite some reports that MLB Network is live, I still don't see it. A call to Time Warner got me in touch with a customer service rep who hadn't even heard of it, and in fact the network wasn't on any of his internal information despite appearing on my channel lineup. The channel (276) came up all right, but it told me to call customer service ... still waiting on that one.

Update: Bob Timmermann has more on this, reminding us that this is a network that Time Warner has an interest in; the post also includes a link to a Maury Brown post about this. "90%" of Southern California TW customers are supposed to have access, but ... well ... next week, maybe?

Lowe To Keep Looking Despite Mets' Bid

Despite a 3-year/$36M deal on the table, Derek Lowe will keep looking for a better offer. With the A-list free agents signed (and whether Manny qualifies is an open question, and no, I don't mean by Elias standards), it'll be interesting to see what happens with Lowe and his second-tier brethren.

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I forget what city you are in but I'm checking my TV in an office we have Garden Grove and 276 has MLB on right now. The only cities that shouldn't have it in SoCal on TWC are Corona Del Mar, Costa Mesa (partial), Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Seal Beach and Tustin, those will all be launching on the 6th.
We must be getting the Seal Beach feed (we're in Rossmoor), because we don't have it yet. Thanks for the info.
Sorry want to correct myself, those are the cities that are in Orange County and Inland Empire that are launching on the 6th. I don't have info for any LA areas.
Rob - FYI up here in Bakersfield we're going to get it on Jan. 15th as part of the basic package w/ Fox Sports, ESPN, ESPN II, ESPN Classic, Golf, etc. No word on why the delay, but I was assured that by 1/15 it would be up. FYI, I have Bright House for my Digital Cable provider.
DirectTV has MLBTV, as the holidays and bowls wind down, I'm sure it will be a welcome thing for the remainder of January at least. Today i see it has the 2008 WS games and I didn't see a lot because of work this year so it'll be SOMETHING, but its not a priority today.

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