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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Press-Telegram Sports Columnist Steve Dilbeck Canned

Via LA Observed, Steve Dilbeck was laid off from the Press-Telegram. Former LANG writer Paul Oberjuerge thinks it may have been in part because of Dilbeck's defense of Oberjuerge. And another thing:
Literally the only general-interest sports columnists left in the group are the two guys in Long Beach, Doug Krikorian and Bob Keisser. Neither has gotten much use outside of the Press-Telegram, of late.

Either that usage pattern changes … or someone is promoted to columnist from the handful of remaining staffers … or LANG newspapers go without a columnist.

Like, what? This at the very time when seemingly intelligent people are saying that what newspapers still have that no one else does … is local analysis, commentary, color and opinion. And if you don’t have that … what are you left with? Preps? Wire copy?

Look, guys, the AP can't keep giving stories away indefinitely to Yahoo (maybe they can, but given the crummy environment for online ads that's doubtful); news won't vanish, either. It's the Wall Street Journal model or bust, I think.



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