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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tom Meagher On The New McMansion

Tom Meagher, presciently commenting (though I'm certain he didn't know it at the time) on yesterday's news of a new $46M McCourt double-wide beachside mansion in Malibu:
The Dodgers simply must fund a top-caliber team. McCourt is trading the franchise's capital for gains in the balance sheet (in essence, gains for his personal supply of capital); the burden is on him to return what has been taken from the fans by emptying those coffers.
I'm not saying that at this point that hasn't been done, but all along, I was in the position that if the Dodgers traded for Manny (and especially Casey Blake) that they then had to re-sign those players, or deal adequately with the holes their free agency departures would create. Whether the Dodgers' situation precludes them from re-upping Manny or not, we know that Frank is certainly paying himself well.

David Pinto reminds us this is the value of the offer to Manny, roughly; the deal was worth $45M.

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