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Saturday, January 17, 2009

An Unerring Eye For Untalent

Do. Not. Want.:
What really counts is when the ball is hit, does the fielder make an out? That’s the definition of Defense Efficiency Rating (DER) on a team level. Whether it’s by range, throwing arm or good hands, it’s the out that counts. With 1000 or more ground balls, the bottom five at shortstop are Angel Berroa 71.1%, Michael Young 71.0%, Jeter 70.9%, Felipe Lopez 70.2% and Carlos Guillen 69.8%. At the top are Adam Everett 75.7%, Omar Vizquel 74.9%, Troy Tulowitzki 74.3%, Julio Lugo 74.1% and Khalil Greene 74.1%.

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There's not really a huge difference between the worst and the best there.
Even at his advanced age, Omar Vizquel in the top five defensive shortstops in the league? Wow.
And I'm sure more than a few Red Sox fans got a laugh or two seeing Julio Lugo's name on that list as well.

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