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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why Lowe Left The Dodgers

From Dylan Hernandez's article on Derek Lowe signing with the Braves:
Torre and his coaching staff wanted Lowe back but that sentiment wasn't shared by owners Frank and Jamie McCourt, with whom the pitcher had personality conflicts. Lowe's relationship with a Fox Sports West anchor who covered the team -- which resulted in the dissolution of their respective marriages -- did not help in the eyes of ownership.

Lowe was bothered by his view that the club favored Penny over him. He was particularly upset when he had to pitch on three days' rest in a day game in Anaheim on May 18 because Penny said he couldn't take his turn in the rotation. Lowe gave up seven runs in five innings.

However Lowe's personal life broke out — and I confess to getting some transient chuckles from it — I absolutely do not understand this from the perspective of the Dodgers. Maybe Lowe is being pissy, but if Frank-N-Jamie don't get along with their pitching staff, maybe a less hands-on approach would help.

Update: A counterargument from CanuckDodger in today's DT thread:

Look at the players DePo brought in: (1) J.D. Drew (famously disliked by a lot of teammates, and Tony LaRussa, as a "soft," selfish player); (2) Derek Lowe (played a key role in Boston winning a World Series for the first time since forever yet the revered Theo Epstein made no effort to re-sign him because he was a drunk malcontent much of his time in Boston); (3) Brad Penny (another guy with a me-first attitude whom we didn't learn till he was gone would just blow off pitcher meetings); and (4) Milton Bradley (do I even have to go into it?). Every one of those guys is/was a talented baseball player who did some great things in a Dodger uniform. But McCourt not getting along with that crowd doesn't reflect badly on McCourt at all. He's in a lot of company.



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