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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Angels' Lack Of Options At First

It's Kendry Morales or nobody, according to Mike DiGiovanna, which is interesting because the article nowhere mentions the words "Mark Trumbo". Not that Trumbo's all that, but he does, at least, qualify as depth, if in a DH-y sort of way.


Lyle Spencer wrote a similar Morales piece over at the MLB site that is a near mirror image of DiGiovanna's, but he mentions that Matt Brown and Freddy Sandoval are both in the mix as "depth". Now, I don't think either are complete packages by any means, but they may provide more or less depth at this point than Trumbo or Quinlan. Neither player has had even 25 plate appearances at the ML league level, so who knows?
I think you have to hope that Morales plays well. Unless you convert Juan Rivera or Bobby Aberu into a first baseman.
There's no doubt of that!

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