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Monday, February 02, 2009

Dodgers Make 1-Year/$25M Offer To Manny

Sayeth the Times:
"We're still focused on trying to sign Manny," Colletti said.

Colletti declined to talk about the specifics of the deal, other than to say that Boras agreed he would respond to it in "a couple of days." The Dodgers made a two-year, $45-million offer to Ramirez in November that expired without eliciting a response from Ramirez's camp.

Ramirez declined the Dodgers' offer for arbitration in December. By accepting that offer, Ramirez would've likely received a one-year deal similar to the one being offered to him by the Dodgers right now.

One of Jon's first posts at his new digs is about the real meaning of Manny-mas:
In any case, the point is not to get caught up right now in which alternative the Dodgers ultimately choose, but simply to remember that there are alternatives - plural. Ramirez is a special player, but the Dodgers won’t inevitably lose the pennant if he leaves Los Angeles, any more than the team will inevitably win if he plants himself in left field anew.

Though this Dodger offseason appears to be all about Ramirez, it really remains centrally about the organization's leadership. And despite fans’ impatience to know the outcome, it’s not about the McCourts and Colletti getting a deal done quickly. It’s about getting the right deal done. A big score in the ninth inning counts; tardiness won’t cost fans anything but a few palpitations.

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