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Monday, February 09, 2009

KFWB/KLAA To Simulcast Angels Games?

Register radio columnist Gary Lycan seems to think the Angels will start simulcasting with KFWB and KLAA. Remember, KFWB is the same station that is now broadcasting infomercials on weekends.

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A comment and a question. First, when did KFWB go from being all-news, all the time (excluding when they were doing Dodgers coverage)? The comment: a simulcast on 980 would be a boon for Halos fans who have trouble receiving KLAA, as I've never had any trouble receiving the former. For me, KLAA is so much better than 710-KSPN that it doesn't really matter, but judging from the comments over at HH last year, I suspect that this news will be warmly received.
I think it was when KFWB signed up with the Dodgers. IIRC the VP who instigated this is now gone.

KFWB has better coverage in the Valley, so if this does come off it would be a great thing for Angels fans to the north.

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