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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Manny Laughs At The Inferior Intellect, Er, Offer

Not that it seems Manny has a lot of offers running around, but unsurprisingly he rejected the 1-year deal the Dodgers put on the table yesterday.

Update: MSTI riffs on this:

Remember, the problem isn't waiting for Manny. The problem is having your backup plans melt away as the spring approaches, and it looks like that's starting to happen. Adam Dunn has a standing offer from Washington; Bobby Abreu was just offered a one year, $8 million deal from the White Sox. What happens if they tire of waiting for Manny and each take the money they can right now? Then this team is stuck in one of two equally dreadful situations: having to pay Manny whatever he demands, or having to forgo Manny entirely and start Juan Pierre in left field.

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