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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Steroids Destroy Brain Cells

Jayson Stark:
What compares to [Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa presumptively failing to make the Hall of Fame because of steroids taint, as well as Pete Rose for gambling] ? The Black Sox? This is worse. Game-fixing in college basketball? This is worse. Nominate any scandal in the history of sports. My vote is that this is worse.

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Right. Players doing anything they can to get an extra edge is much much worse than fixing the outcome of games. Stark's a total douche.
The fact that a proto-human die-cast model like A-Rod could even be iconic or integral to the sport is the true scandal. It's a benefit to us all that he played close to the script, and came up precisely unexceptionally.

Your post title's a bit hard to grok though. The immediate implication is that Stark is a 'roid rager, rather than just a pushover off-key hysteric with a superhero fix.
You think? It seems to me that the whole subject of steroids has simply resulted in paranoiac raving among a certain set.
No I'm sorry but I don't believe taking performancing enhancing drugs is as bad as match fixing. Nothing cheats the supporters, owners and sponsors of sport more than the people competing removing the fundamental essence of professional sport; competition. It literally destroys the sport.

Drugs are certainly bad. As a Brit I probably have a more drachonian view on it; weekly testing in and out of season for every player at random times. 2 year ban for missing a test or testing postitive (make no distinction), life ban from ALL aspects of the sport (including coaching) on second positive. Institute that and drugs will disappear over night (excluding future revelations about past actions...).

Fixing the outcome goes further. At least drug cheats are still trying to win, still trying their best for the team, supporters, owners etc.

Both acts undermine the integrity of the sport and people's perceptions of the sport however only one can be both actually and in perception, removed. Sure there may be people who WANT to take performance enhancing drugs but it is not rocket science to stop every last one of them.
Stopping people taking money to influence the outcome is insidious and ultimately more damaging.
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