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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dodgers Blow Hole In Own Feet With Mandatory Tithing In Future Contracts

This is seriously unbelievable:
Manny Ramirez's presence will be felt long after his time with the Los Angeles Dodgers ends. The slugger's recent signing has inspired the club to institute a so-called "Ramirez provision'' in all of its future contracts.

Players signing with the team will be required to donate a portion of their salary to the Dodgers Dream Foundation, team owner Frank McCourt said Thursday.

"Every future Dodger will be asked to fill in a blank line,'' he said in remarks to Town Hall Los Angeles. "They're making a lot of money, these players. We won't tell them how much to contribute, that wouldn't be right.''

How about $1? Is that enough for you, Frank?

Seriously, how petty and jejune is this?

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I totally agree--posted on this once but I've got another one in the works. It's really morally abhorrent, even more so since there is no mandatory tithe on the McCourts, who will unjustly take the glory for their employees' contributions.

SoSG Sax

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