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Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Enthusiastic Endorsement For Those Coming To Phoenix For Spring Training

Dorsey Place Condos in Tempe, Arizona, near ASU. Under $1,000 for the whole week in a new construction condo, and no occupancy taxes, bringing the savings to almost $400 for an equivalent and smaller room at a name chain (we had reservations at the nearby Marriott). Fully furnished including a substantial kitchen with dishes, silverware, and granite everything. The condo has two bedrooms with queen size beds in 1,100 sq. ft.; each bedroom has its own bath, and there is a shared laundry. The ability to cook here will probably save us $100-$200 in dining out alone. Also, free house WiFi Internet access.

I'll have pictures up tomorrow. These probably won't last past 2010, but if you're going out here now, wow.


Great call, Rob. I won't be getting out there this year, so I'm anxiously awaiting your pix!

-SoSG Sax

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