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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mets Release Duaner Sanchez

The Mets released ex-Dodger Duaner Sanchez:
"He's been getting better, but I didn't think Duaner could get to where we need him to be," [Mets GM Omar] Minaya said. "Where he was last year and now ... I didn't see enough improvement. ... We do have some young guys who are coming on, at least that we feel good about in camp right now. ... I just felt like if he's not going to be on the team, let's make a decision on this now and, at the same time, give him the opportunity to be with another club."
One of Dan Evans' last acquisitions as GM, Sanchez was eventually traded for starter Jae Weong Seo and reliever Steve Schmoll in January, 2006 (a trade I didn't write much about at the time but was generally in favor of, which came back to bite me). Seo appears to be out of baseball, having been cut by the Rays in 2007 and is back in the Korean leagues pitching there. Hamulack has bounced around the minors after an unsuccessful 2006 campaign with the Dodgers, most recently with Kansas City.

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