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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Players' Union Files Grievance Over McCourt-Mandated Tithing

Can't say I blame 'em:
The baseball players' association filed a grievance against the major league clubs after the Los Angeles Dodgers said charitable donations will be required in future player contracts.


"Players are free to choose to make donations to club charities, but clubs can't require such donations by contract," union general counsel Michael Weiner said Saturday. "Provisions that require players to make contributions to clubs' charities are unenforceable under the basic agreement. It's not a subject that the Basic Agreement permits individual bargaining on."

BTF chatter yields wisdom from Maury Brown:
Maybe it is that tried and true saying that often surfaces during the holidays that should be at the forefront of the McCourts’ minds: A gift given willingly is the best gift of all. I hope that millions pour into the Dream Foundation, but let’s hope and pray it’s done because players want to, not because they are forced to.

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