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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Robothal Seems To Think The Dodgers And Pedro Are A Match

The deal Martinez wants, one executive says, is similar to the one the Red Sox gave righty John Smoltz — a $5.5 million base salary with $5 million in incentives.

You can see Pedro's logic: Smoltz, 41, is coming off shoulder surgery, while Martinez is more than two years removed his last shoulder operation. Martinez made 20 starts last season, Smoltz five.

Still, there is no question that Martinez is a diminished pitcher.

"His stuff is just OK," the executive says. "He will need to have the plus-plus Pedro command to help a team out."

Martinez might show such command and even bursts of increased velocity in his brief WBC stints. But his case will become more convincing if he shuts down Team USA or Puerto Rico in the next round in Miami.

Even then, the Dodgers might be the only club with anything close to $5.5 million available, and their appetite for risk is minimal.

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Dodger's averse to risk? Since when?

Ned has made a career as GM seeking out risky deals and then one-upping himself to get them done.
Maybe Pedro has had his fill of the AL, but Pedro would sure look good in an Angels uniform as a 5th starter. Santana's injury, coupled with soreness for both Joe Saunders and Jered Weaver, creates a couple of openings. The Angels can't expect to win the division if they have to run both Shane Loux and Dustin Moseley to the hill every five days.
It would be interesting, no?
Here's a question...

Why only 2/3 of an inning from Weaver yesterday?

Just run out of pitches?
Nevermind - just went to LA Times and saw a recap...

Too many pitches and a liner that nearly decapitated him...

That'll do for one day!
I listened to that game, and as usual was on the edge of my seat with a Weaver start. Out number one came on a pickoff, and he was just getting knocked silly, throwing fastball after fastball. And of course he's got a stiff shoulder, too.

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