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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Josh Beckett Suspended Six Games For Throwing At Abreu In Time Out

Well past due. Beckett has been a long-time head-hunter of Angels who has gotten away with a lot.

Mickey Hatcher was suspended for one game, and Mike Scioscia, Torii Hunter, and Justin Speier were all fined.

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It is past due in the sense that Beckett should have been ejected once he approached Abreu. It is timely in terms of how quickly MLB acts. Hopefully the Ump was reprimanded as well for not making the ejection and for somehow deciding that the non-aggressor team deserved 4 ejections instead (which would have all been avoided had the ump gotten it right to begin with).

Read my full thoughts on Beckett at http://ethicalsportsfan.blogspot.com/

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