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Monday, September 21, 2009

Looks Like I Owe Howie An Apology: Angels 10, Rangers 5

The talk in the Register and Times recaps of this story was Ian Kinsler's televised, intemperate remarks following the May 17 sweep: "Get the (expletive) off our field". Lackey, yesterday's starter, had his last word, and of the much more satisfying variety:
"They were definitely talking," Lackey said when he was reminded of the May trash-talking after Sunday's win. "We'll let them do that. We're worried about winning games. We notice that kind of stuff, for sure, but nothing needed to be said (now).

"We try to fly flags. We don't talk."

Of course, that's not always true, but it was true enough yesterday as the Angels nipped yet another two away from their magic number, making it seven in a division now all but conceded by the Rangers; Texas would really have needed a home sweep to make a bid down the stretch, and they just couldn't pull one out. As expected, the Rangers' pitching has melted down late (tOPS+ well under 100 in July and September, and merely average in August), while their offense has gone slightly below average.

Lackey gave up five runs, four earned, the one unearned run coming from a one-out Kendry Morales fielding error; had he made the play, Ian Kinsler's sac fly would have been the inning's third out, and so goodnight. It was a tough game generally for Kendry, who collected a golden sombrero, four strikeouts; the Angels are talking about possibly sitting him in the upcoming Yankees series, at least against Andy Pettitte today.

But the big story of this game was Howie Kendrick's five RBI day, going 3-for-5 with a two-run jack and a triple, and just after I got done crankily upbraiding him for hitting into a game-ending double play in Saturday's contest. That'll learn me from writing after a loss and up a glass or two of wine.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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I'm guessing Kinsler's remarks were aimed more at Lackey than the Angels in general.
I doubt it. Weaver started the game on May 17 where Kinsler popped off his mouth.

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