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Saturday, September 19, 2009

No Depression: Giants 8, Dodgers 4

If the division were tighter, or it were appreciably earlier in the season, I might be more worried about the Dodgers falling to the Giants. As it stands, there's almost no chance they're going to miss the postseason, it being they have a five-game lead over the Rockies for the division.

Vicente Padilla failed to make the quality start low bar, and the Dodgers brought in a motley arrangement of relievers thereafter, including an odd choice to have Chad Billingsley take the mound. Bills fared no better than he had as a starter in late games, giving up a pair of runs on Aaron Rowand's solo homer in the eighth, and a Juan Uribe RBI single in the ninth. Charley Steiner kept talking about how lost he looked on the mound, and the box score certainly reflects that.

ESPN BoxDodgers recap

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