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Monday, September 14, 2009

Pickoff Moves

Dodgers Flame Out In Finale: Giants 7, Dodgers 2

Brad Penny beats Chad Billingsley? Really? Yup, and I agree with Jon that it's time for him to skip a start. He's not well.

ESPN BoxDodgers recap

Dodgers Promote Hu, DeWitt

Blake DeWitt and Chin-Lung Hu were promoted on Sunday, per MLB.com.

Randy Wolf To Return Tuesday

Also per MLB.com, Randy Wolf and his (hopefully healed-up) hyperextended elbow will be back in the rotation on Tuesday.
"The only pitch that didn't feel good in the bullpen in Arizona was a curveball, and the first one today felt great," said Wolf, who shares the league lead with 30 starts and has been the Dodgers' most effective starter over the past month. "I let it go today, and it felt great. Another indicator is how it feels tomorrow, but I expect to feel fine. I should be ready to go Tuesday."

Lackey Leads List Of Free Agent Starters This Offseason

... according to Jayson Stark:
Here's the one and only guarantee we can make about this market: Lackey will be depositing more bucks in his money-market account between now and spring training than any other pitcher out there. The Angels' ace will be entering his age-31 season. He has the ninth-best ERA in baseball over the last five seasons (and second-best, behind Roy Halladay, among pitchers who have worked only in the AL). And he's heading for his sixth straight winning season. But that doesn't mean he doesn't scare some teams, after spending more than 100 days on the disabled list the last two years with forearm and triceps issues. "He's the best name on the list," one exec said. "But if Anaheim shies away from this guy or doesn't make a serious attempt to sign him, I'd have concerns. They know him better than everyone else. So that would send out some serious red flags for me."

Other Scoreboard Watching

Rangers 7, Mariners 2: Tommy Hunter pitched a complete game, while the usual suspects tore the hide off Doug Fister, who's done so well this year otherwise.

Mariners 5, Rangers 0: King Felix extended his bid for a Cy Young, suppressing the Rangers' offense in that Arlington pitcher's hell. Despite two Texas errors, all Seattle's runs were earned against starter Derek Holland. Much to my shock, they managed to play both ends of the doubleheader.

As a consequence of the split and the Angels' win, the Angels are now six games up in the AL West.

Padres 7, Rockies 3: The Rocks closed out their tour of San Diego with a loss, with unexpected ace Jason Marquis taking the loss; he's 1-2 in September with a 5.50 ERA, not a good sign for a team that's hoping to go deep in the postseason. Best case is an analog to the 2007 performances they got out of Josh Fogg (at least, up to the World Series).

The Rocks end the day three games back of the Dodgers in the division, and four and a half games ahead of the Giants in the Wild Card.

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