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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Reason Why I'm Picking The Yanks In Five

Brian Fuentes has yet to blow up:
Jonathan Papelbon has lots of time to refine his Riverdance after giving it up to the Angels in Game 3.

Huston Street had two out in the ninth and couldn't finish the Phillies.

Joe Nathan, who usually dismisses school, got his own bell rung by Alex Rodriguez.

Ryan Franklin thought he had notched a save for the Cardinals, but a swarm of white towels in Dodger Stadium buzzed Matt Holliday and forced him to muff a fly ball. That did not absolve Franklin, who couldn't stop the Dodgers from scoring the winning run.

Combined, those four closers had saved 158 games in 173 chances in 2009. There were six blown saves in 13 Division Series games.

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I gotta disagree with you about the Yankees winning in 5, but I am worried about Fuentes. The Angels have always played the Yankees tough and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't continue. We just need to avoid the homeruns. I was surprised that we didn't see Santana pitch at all in the ALDS. Maybe we can go to him if Fuentes shows signs of blowing up.
Voodoo justification, Rob. If nails relievers like Papelbon and Nathan are blowing up, couldn't you say the same of Rivera as Fuentes?

This is just the other side of the closer myth. Must go with closer. Must not go with closer.
Oh, I agree -- nothing behind it other than butterflies. But I really have my doubts about the Angels.
Count me as one who'd run Sanatana out there in the 9th.
No doubt.
and fat chance.

Palmer is there as long releif --- use Ervin in short critical releif.
Fuentes? situational leftie as they used Romero in the past.

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