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Monday, October 19, 2009

Dueling Columnists On Moving Vlad Around

Ken Rosenthal:
Here's a statistical oddity for you. The Angels went 17-4 when both Hunter and Guerrero were injured from July 8 to Aug. 3, batting .324-.381-.511, averaging 7.6 runs per game. The quality of the team's competition during that period was not especially good. But certainly, the Angels proved that they can score without their No. 3 and No. 4 hitters.
Steve Bisheff in the LAT:
The timing isn't right ... Guerrero always has been treated -- how shall we put this? -- delicately with the Angels. ... There was always some unstated concern that the proud Guerrero would react angrily if you moved him down in the lineup the way the Red Sox moved David Ortiz.

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sometimes, difficult decisions have to be made. I had to look through my fingers everytime Vlad came to the plate on Saturday with 2 outs and runners on base.

that said, none of the hitters have done a huge amount against the Yankees yet, so it probably doesn't matter a whole lot who you put in the cleanup spot.
Where was Howie Kendrick? WHERE?
He'll start against a lefty today, I'm pretty convinced.
No chance of Vlad ever hitting a clutch two run homer again.

Oh, wait....

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