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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Frank Now Says Jamie Was Insubordinate

... but that's not the half of what apparently turned up in his letter firing her (links below were all added by me):
As Jamie McCourt vanished from the Dodgers' website, Frank McCourt charged his estranged wife with insubordination and inappropriate behavior in a letter firing her as the team's chief executive.

The letter, signed by Frank McCourt on letterhead that identifies him as the Dodgers' owner, advises Jamie McCourt to contact team human relations personnel to arrange "a time and date to gather your personal belongings." The letter is dated Wednesday, the day the Dodgers were eliminated from the National League Championship Series in Philadelphia.

Jamie McCourt, who considers herself a co-owner of the team, is expected to initiate legal proceedings next week. The grounds for dismissal, as set forth by Frank McCourt in his termination letter, could lay the groundwork for part of his defense, experts said.

The letter charges Jamie McCourt with "insubordination, non-responsiveness, failure to follow procedures, and inappropriate behavior with a direct subordinate."

K-i-s-s-i-n-g Kim Ng? Something unmentionable with Tommy Lasorda? I can hardly wait for the divorce filing ...

Related: MSTI's open letter to the McCourts.

Fix this quickly and privately, or sell the team. Now. You may be striving for the spotlight, but you’re not bigger than the Dodgers, and it’s your association with them that’s brought you fame – not vice versa.

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Last season, before the Manny signing, I was fortunate to meet Jamie right smack in front of the escalator's, you know exactly what seats I was coming from. She was just standing there by herself and no one even noticed her. Not a body guard or security guy in sight. Just Jamie.

Being this was the first time I had ever seen here in person, I wasn't quite sure if it was her or not, so me, being as ballsy as I can be, just asked, and she stuck her hand out and I was just shocked. I mean, if you haven't met or seen Jamie in person she is a very good looking gal. She doesn't photograph as well as she looks in person. We talked and I asked if she mind that I take a picture of her with my friend's nephew, who we took to the game that night. (a youth with a very tragic and unfortunate story, who is as devout a Dodger fan as you could ever get; I'd be happy to have him there anytime to a game.)

Jamie not only obliged, but, my entire perceptions of her changed that night. She came off as a very genuine person who cared, or at least it seemed that she cared. At least that was my feeling of her in that short glimpse of time.

It saddens me that it all comes to an end like that. I think the Dodgers will be affected by this. For that matter, any marriage of 20-30 years that suddenly ends. Was this an L.A. thing where two people's lives change so dramatically with the landscape; that suddenly they don't even know how to say something even nice to one another? I think of Frank McCourt's opening press conference when he bought the team, how he praised his wife and her intellect. (and don't think for one second that won't be used against him by her legal counsel.)

Divorce is tough; even tougher is going to have to listen the dirt that is going to come with it. In the end, you can only hope that some sort of reconciliation happens quick, for their sake; their families sake for the paying fans sake, because ultimately we the fans will pay for this not just by the unwanted attention it brings, but the price we pay for our tickets and concessions.

Tommy -- it's my speculation that Frank got himself into the pants of some sweet young 22-year-old thing available to him as the owner of the Dodgers who wouldn't have been had he been just a parking lot magnate. That's sad.
But doesn't it seem odd that he would be calling out bad behavior with a subordinate? My first thought was Frank got caught. But after seeing Jamie in person, she is pretty H-O-T! No fooling! She's a pretty good looking gal.

Also, what is the situation with Dr. Steinberg, who, graciously attended our DT shindig this year. He seemed like a really good guy that loved the team. Seriously loved his job. (Remember, he came in with Tommy)
Sure, but IMO it's just Frank accusing Jamie of what he did to his wife.

I'm sure Jamie is a good looking woman.

Steinberg -- well, I don't know. That's a question for the McCourt(s).
It's going to be an interesting off-season. I really don't like the drama. More, I just want to win. We had a great year this year. Unfortunately, like other years it just came up too short.
Well Rob, it would seem that we were both correct in our assumptions--the McCourt's are both assholes! :)

(I will note that since the very day they bought the team, you have been professing this!)
Do I get to say "I told you so"? Eh, not quite; I figured the bankruptcy courts would be chasing them. We'll probably get a detailed look at their finances as a consequence of the divorce, though, so that might be valuable. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if the players' union wants a closer look at their finances just for that reason -- is the debt service rule just a dodge(r) to keep salaries down?

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