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Monday, October 19, 2009

Jeff Mathis Doubles The Angels' Pleasure: Angels 5, Yankees 4 (11 Innings)

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Update, 10/20: I had a naughtier title to this post earlier, but decided to take it down; those of you who know such things can find it in the usual Blogger way. All that said, and as happy as I am to have the Angels win one at home with a big walkoff hit, if you have to go eleven innings and get to their worst reliever to do it, by a guy not noted for big hits, you're in some trouble. But then, Vlad clocked a two-run jack, too, and I've been waiting for him to do some damage in this series, so yay, net positive.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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It takes two teams to play an extra-inning game. Doesn't it equally say something about the Yankees that it took them 13 innings on their own turf, in their climate, to get it done, and that only on a serendipitous rain-soaked error from one of the Angels' most surehanded players? I realize the pessimist's gaze is unilateral, but your logic cuts both ways. Either both teams have "problems" or this series is just living up to its billing, and we're seeing baseball's two best teams locked in gladitorial combat, and some damn good pitching along the way.
For a run to occur, there has to be some quantifiable measure of failure. That's what keeps this blogger happy.

He'll be happy if it's an Angels/Dodger Series, because then he is guaranteed failure from one of the teams he 'supports'.
I am cranky, there's no two ways about it.

But Maxwell's right, the extra-innings pitching for the Angels has been surprisingly good.
And the Yankees have equally struggled on offense since Game 1. Over the past two games, the Yankees are 0-for-16 with runners in scoring position.

With the exception of Game 1, I think this is just good pitching and defense ruling the day, on both sides.

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