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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Playoff Seedings No Longer Determined By Coin Flips

Since it came up in the comments recently, here's a good summary of how playoff seedings will occur should the need arise:
The custom had always been to flip coins throughout September to determine which teams might host a possible one-game playoff. But now that host will be decided by a series of on-field tiebreakers, beginning with head-to-head records. If that's tied, the next is highest winning percentage within your own division, followed by the highest winning percentage for each team in intraleague play during the second half of the season.
There won't be a tiebreaker this year no matter what happens in the NL West, because the Dodgers' magic number is one with three to play; if the Rockies win today's game (likely, as they have amassed a 6-1 lead over Milwaukee in the sixth) and win out, the Rockies would have to win out in Los Angeles to get the division title.

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