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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Predictions About The Remaining Championship Series

With nothing but gut feel to back them up: Yankees in 5, Dodgers in 7, and Yanks pick up their 27th set of rings (and Joe Girardi's first) in five. The Yanks have addressed their defensive issues considerably, getting a .697 defensive efficiency over the year, good for third in the league and better than the Angels' .689 (eighth in the AL). Also, the season series tie with the Angels leaves me thinking that home field advantage will be huge.

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Come on Rob, let's go Halos! Catch the fever!!! (I'm rooting for the Angels to beat the Yank-Mes, anyway.)
Yeah, me too. I'll be happy with anything but a Phillies/Yankees World Series. Wouldn't mind seeing Dodgers/Angels, although I might explode at some point.
I am with you on the 57 freeway! However, I am picking the Angels in 5 and the Phillies in 7. It is going to be a Red October! The Angels will defeat the Red Sox, Yankees, and defending champion Phillies to be the 2009 North American Baseball Champions. I pick the Angels to beat the Phils in 6 games. My son Roger believes the Dodgers will beat the Yankees in the World Series. Roger and I defenitely are not on the same page. I agree with you Rob regarding the "I'll be happy with anything but a Phillies/Yankees World Series."

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