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Friday, October 16, 2009

Where's King Solomon When You Really Need Him? Both McCourts Claim Dodger Ownership

Yup, divorce a-coming:
Major League Baseball lists Frank McCourt as the Dodgers' "control person." But a high-ranking baseball source said Thursday that the couple presented themselves together for the approval of Commissioner Bud Selig when they bought the team in 2004.
Frank retained Marshall Grossman and Manley Freid, both of whom have represented celebrities, and Freid specializes in family law (read: divorce cases). Jamie hired Dennis Wasser, who also has an A-list Hollywood divorce clientele.
Within a month of each [of their residential real estate purchases], Frank McCourt filed papers that identified the homes as "the sole and separate property" of his wife and giving up any claim to them. Together, the properties in Jamie McCourt's name are valued at close to $80 million, according to county real estate records.

Hillel Chodos, an attorney who has handled divorces involving wealthy individuals, said of the property transfers: "On the face of it, they had an agreement that they would buy the properties and she would own them.

Oh, joy. Your 2010 Los Angeles Exhibit A's. If you told me five years ago that "forced liquidation because of a divorce" was the reason the Dodgers would slip out of the McCourts' hands, I would have been shocked; bankruptcy court would have been my first choice.

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Remember Marvin vs Marvin? Lee Marvin was such a good actor he got a mention in my will! With the McCourt's divorce on deck the Dodgers should change their name to the Los Angeles Marvins! No, Marvin Eugene Throneberry was never a Dodger. Back in antiquity the Dodgers were known as the Brooklyn Bridegrooms. You got to be a Bridegroom (or a Bride) before you can be a Marvin vs Marvin (or McCourt vs McCourt)! More NLCS relevant: I recall Bake McBride hitting a 7th inning two out home run to tie the 1974 NLCS Game 4 Phillies @ Dodgers game at 3-3. Bill Russell saved the Dodgers bacon in that game with a game winning walk-off single in the last of the 9th to propel the Dodgers into the World Series.
As you were! That was 1978 NLCS Game 4, NOT 1974. My bad.
Its going to be hilarious when the compromise is that Jamie and Frank just anoint one of their kids to be the face of the ownership like the Yorks did with the 49ers.

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