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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Dodgers Cut Ties With Jon Garland

Letting Jon Garland's 2010 option expire unexercised, the Dodgers have cut ties with their fourth-most-used fifth starter (measured by games started). It's hard to say goodbye when you didn't really care that much; mediocre as an Angel, Diamondback, and Dodger (despite the 153 ERA+ with the Dodgers, one month doesn't qualify as a good test, especially against the cake schedule the Dodgers had in September/October), he'll likely find someone else willing to give him a one or two year deal for around $10M per.

Via True Blue LA, MLB Trade Rumors reckons Garland is a Type B free agent, who is worth something nominally; the risk is that he might accept arbitration if the Dodgers offered it. Given the shape of their pitching staff at the moment, that might actually be a risk worth taking, either way.

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