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Friday, November 06, 2009

Pickoff Moves

Tony Reagins Signs 3-Year Deal Long-Term Extension

Per MLB.com, Tony Reagins has signed a new three-year deal long-term extension, terms unknown. Let's hope for more ninja deals...

Dodgers Purge More Jamie McCourt Hires

In the Times:
Six front-office employees who were hired by former Dodgers vice president Charles Steinberg were fired. They were public relations officers Mark Rogoff and Drew Merle, vice president of creative services Tom Catlin, graphics manager Courtney Cowsill, fan services and hospitality director Jahaan Blake and supervisor of the Ambassadors program Alyssa Shuman.

Steinberg, who was hired by Jamie McCourt, was essentially fired by the team last month by her estranged husband, owner Frank McCourt.

Interesting anonymous comment in the DT thread where I first heard about this:
The people mentioned got hired for the same reason they got fired. They came over from Boston with Dr. Steinberg, they were given elaborate titles, they were promoted over other worthy candidates for no better reason than they were "Dr. Charles' people". Once Dr. Charles left the building, everyone knew who was next.

Fact is the Boston contingent that came over with Dr. Steinberg caused a rift in the Dodger front office. The aura of superiority they had, didn't appeal to many of the Dodger staffers that have been there and had put in their time. Many refused to assimilate with Dodger staffers and instead formed cliques.

A lot of good people left the organization when this group came in prior to the 2008 season. I am sure most will land on their feet wherever Dr. Steinberg lands, as they are often referred to as his entourage.

Bottom line is most of these "Boston" staffers failed to pull their weight.

Problem with Dr. Steinberg is that he tried to make the Dodgers into the Boston Dodgers. He was full of hot gas and empty promises, and he absolutely killed anything resembling a budget.

There are a couple of good people in that group, and they will be missed. However, can't say the same for all of them.

Good Luck to them.

Frank, is that you?

Rangers Hire Ex-Rockies Skipper Clint Hurdle As Hitting Coach

Per the same LAT piece above.

Randy Wolf, Five Others File For Free Agency; Manny Returns In 2010

MLB.com shows Randy Wolf, Jon Garland, Orlando Hudson, Ronnie Belliard, Doug Mientkiewicz, and Eric Milton as the six. Manny Ramirez has yet to inform the club whether he will exercise a $20M player option for 2010. Not having contacted the club but still eligible for free agency: Brad Ausmus, C; Juan Castro, SS; Mark Loretta, INF; Guillermo Mota, RHP; Will Ohman, LHP; Vicente Padilla, RHP; Jason Schmidt, RHP; Jim Thome, PH and Jeff Weaver, RHP.

Wolf and Hudson are both Type A free agents. Type B free agents are Belliard, Padilla, Garland, Mota and Ohman.

Update: True Blue LA passes on a Tweet (oh, God, not another) from Dylan Hernandez saying that Manny Ramirez' return has been confirmed by Scott Boras.

Update 2: Dylan Hernandez at the Times:

"Obviously, he enjoys L.A.," Boras said. "If he went into the marketplace, the real negative was that he could end up playing in a place he wasn't comfortable playing."

The Yankees' Payroll Sucks

Joe Posnanski says so:
But the Yankees are a whole different argument. They are their own argument. The Yankees are not a big market team. They DWARF big market teams. They are quantitatively different from every other team in baseball and every other team in American sports. They don’t just spend more money than every other team. They spend A LOT more money than every other team. The Boston Red Sox spend $50 million more than the Kansas City Royals? Who cares? The Yankees spend $80 million more than the Boston Red Sox.
Via Dodger Divorce.

Slightly OT: Angels Fan Volunteers To Be Lieutenant Gov

In the Times:
Your other question probably is this: Why is it in your political interest to pick me? Here are four reasons:

I'll never upstage you. Remember how, during your first term, Cruz Bustamante made his own speeches right before your State of the State address each January? I'll never do that. I'll show up -- if I must -- wearing my usual writing attire: shorts, T-shirt and Angels cap. I will introduce you ("And now, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger"), and then I'll retire to a quiet corner of the Capitol where I can open up my laptop and get some writing done.

Actually pretty funny.

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Do we know that Reagins has been signed to a 3-year contract? I didn't see that in the article or anywhere else.
Hah, good point. Correction forthcoming.

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