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Monday, November 09, 2009

Pickoff Moves

Late: Joe Torre Extension Mooted

T.J. Simers:
"We were talking about my coaches and I've been thinking about it," Torre says while mentioning General Manager Ned Colletti's name and plans to chat again once Torre returns from a charity function in New York.

"It's been fun. When I came here, I was curious about how it might go. But the last two years have been invigorating. You see progress and your ego tells you maybe you had something to do with it."

How The Angels Missed Frank McCourt

Here's a Boston Globe piece about the McCourt divorce. One thing I had forgotten is that Frank was a potential "buyer" for the Angels at one point and got turned down for Arte. Before that, their bid for the Red Sox:
“The seller was looking to sell, not swap a ball club for a parking lot,’’ says a Major League Baseball official with knowledge of the bidding. “There were guys writing checks for millions of dollars, and Frank was offering a parking lot. He was never seriously considered.’’
And interestingly, this:
In Boston, the couple had split their time between a seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom house in Brookline and a 100-acre beachfront estate in Cotuit, which they bought in 1998 for $19.5 million and, according to court records, are trying to sell now for $50 million. In 2001, the builders of the Brookline home sued the McCourts, claiming they failed to pay $788,000 and engaged in “a pattern of broken promises, deception, and misrepresentation.’’ The case was settled out of court.
Via BTF.

Update: And thanks to David Pinto for the link.

Rosenthal Floating Rumors Of Adrian Gonzalez Leaving San Diego

... and becoming a Red Sock? Meh.

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