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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pickoff Moves

The Coolest: Dock Ellis' LSD No-No, Animated Version

Via Jon, who got it from Big League Stew: Dock Ellis throws a no-hitter whilst on acid:

Gawd, I loved the 70's. You pups who weren't around then don't know what you was missin'. (On the other hand, the Internet.)

Dodgers Spring Training 2010 Schedule

Open at home against co-tenants White Sox on March 6 (does that seem kinda late to you?), with one Cactus League game vs. the Angels at Camelback (March 22) and one at Tempe (March 15).

Ethier, Kemp, Hunter All Win Silver Sluggers

Per the Times. (Here's links to stories about Hunter and Ethier/Kemp at MLB.com.) Long-term Matt Kemp now.

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I was there for 4 years of the '70s. Too young to remember them, though. :)

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