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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

White Sox To Relieve Dodgers Of $500k Worth Of Andruw Jones' Salary

The Dodgers may have another $3.2M remaining on the last year of Andruw Jones' contract, but the White Sox will pay him $500,000 in 2010 to see whether he's still got something in the tank. He also has incentive clauses that could make him up to $1M in performance bonuses.

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What's the logic behind the White Sox paying him anything more than MLB minimum? Since every dollar paid by the White Sox offsets a dollar from the Dodgers, Jones doesn't earn anymore than he would have on a minimum contract. All that happens is the White Sox pay more of it, and the Dodgers pay less.
I believe it is the case that an agent can't charge a commission unless the player gets over the major league minimum. It's strictly about the agent's cut.
That doesn't make sense from the White Sox point of view, Rob.

But someone else pointed out that the Jones' deal with the Dodgers was a 2-year deal for 2008-2009. The moneys that the Dodgers still owe is just a deferral from that contract.

Since the Dodgers' payments do not cover services after 2010, there is no offset. The Dodgers still owe him $3.2 mil in 2010, and Jones keeps all of the money he earns from the White Sox.
Garrhhhh - that should be "Since the Dodgers' payments do not cover services after 2009 ..."
Stephen -- I agree with you it doesn't make any sense from the Chisox' perspective, but like I said, the agent has a big motivation to get that last $100,000 or so.
The situation makes perfect sense given that there is no offset against what the Dodgers would be paying Jones. That means it's just like any other free agent signing.

Given at how the market played out for free agent outfielders last year, Jones and his agent undoubtedly decided to take the money now rather than try to wait out the market.


When I say i "makes perfect sense" I'm not saying it makes sense to pay Jones any more than MLB minimum; just that contractually it makes sense that Chi would pay him more than minimum if they deemed him worthy.

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