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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

4-Team Deal For Lee, Halladay Completed

Via David Pinto, the four-team megadeal between the Mariners, Phillies, Blue Jays, and Athletics is complete. Here's the final score: In general, I can't think of anything to disagree with David's take on this deal; it's good for the Mariners, who are looking at a hole in the Angels' ability to compete with the loss of Lackey and deciding to go for it. The Phils (after a three-year extension) get an ace-quality starter, albeit a right-handed one; I gotta wonder why they went that way, but maybe Lee didn't want to be in Philly past 2010. The Jays retool in a hurry, and the A's ... why are they jettisoning a third baseman? That's quite a puzzle.

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Wallace is known to be mostly ALL bat, maybe the A's saw him as too one dimensional.
Because of the awesomeness of Dallas McPherson?
i think Wallace is viewed as a first baseman now, and the A's are stocked with those. Good swap for a basher who plays in the OF.
I read this morning where Eric Chavez is slated to start throwing a ball next month and hopes to make it back for the season. Granted, I can't imagine they'd view him as a full-time 3B (especially with his well-documented history of hitting LHP so poorly), but maybe he's figuring in as a platoon?

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