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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Four Horsemen Seen, Dodgers Trade Juan Pierre To Chisox

Great trade, who'd we get? PTBNLs, it seems. Tim Brown says the Dodgers will pick up about half of the remaining $18.5M owed to Pierre for the final two seasons of his deal, thus adding to a staggering $52M owed as deferred compensation to Andruw Jones, Jason Schmidt, Manny Ramirez, and a host of others through 2014. Buster Olney says the exact amount is $10.5M (link via True Blue LA).

Update: Commentary on this at Southside Sox is surprisingly mixed. I'd think, given his ex-Cubbitude, general lack of OBP, SLG, or throwing skills, that he'd be anathema. A story on that same site names the PTBNLs as relatively undistinguished righties John Ely (a starter) and Jon Link (a reliever). Neither are hard throwers, which essentially makes this a salary dump.

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Ely's 23, and both he and Link strike out a bunch of guys and have K/BB ratios around 3:1.

Getting anything for Pierre, plus salary relief, is a win for LA.
Minor league righty soft-tossers flame out all the time. Still, there's a lot to like about their peripherals, as you say. And, yeah, unloading Pierre counts in Ned's Good Deeds pile.
At worst (assuming they make the show) they're bullpen guys (which Link is anyways), and you can never have enough bullpen arms, especially when your manager is Joe Torre.
Revisited BA's Prospect Handbook from '09. Both guys were top 25 (Ely was 11 and Link was 22). Looking for a bright side - BA describes them both as real gamers and generally projects them as potential major league contributors - but not with any real glow to their reviews...
I'm assuming that's system top 25 and not overall top 25. We'd have seen people doing cartwheels.
i loved the quip from John Perrotto at BP how with this deal, the Sox made a contribution to the McCourt Divorce Fund.

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