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Monday, December 14, 2009

Jon Heyman: Mariners Getting Cliff Lee In 3-Way Blockbuster

Jon Heyman's Twitter feed reports the Mariners will be getting Cliff Lee from Philadelphia as part of a blockbuster 3-team deal. Roy Halladay, spotted earlier in the day in a Philadelphia hotel, is said to be on his way to the City of Brotherly Love. Returns to Toronto have yet to be established.

Update: Presumably Heyman's Sports Illustrated blurb will be expanded as the day wears on.

Update 2: Robothal says it's Canadian minor league prospect RHP Philippe Aumont and OF prospect Michael Taylor.

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I have no idea why Seattle is giving up multiple prospects, when they just basically emptied their system out a few years ago. Strange move to me.
I wonder if the Dodgers' farm system is in better or worse shape than the Mariners' these days. The M's have had a string of high draft picks, but then, the Dodgers' farm system fell to the lower half of the rated systems according to Baseball America. BA hasn't published the AL farm system ratings, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Seattle in the bottom half, too.
Also, Michael Taylor appears to be in the Phillies system, not the M's.
Rob- Taylor is indeed a Phillies' prospect (for now at least); he was the guy being mentioned constantly with Domonic Brown.

As for whose system is better, the thing to remember with the Dodgers' system is that our best guys are in the lower half of the system and very young/raw.

I'm biased, and don't really know the answer to that question, but it would be a more interesting question if the Mariners still had Chris Tillman and Adam Jones (though Jones wouldn't be a prospect anymore most likely) and we still had Carlos Santana and Josh Bell.

Screw it, I'll say the Dodgers.

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