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Friday, January 22, 2010

Angels Unload Gary Matthews, Jr. On Mets

The Angels are eating $21.5 of the remaining $23M of Matthews' deal. GMJ has two more years left on his deal.

This is one of those "great trade, who'd we get?" deals; anything to clear the deck of this very expensive fourth outfielder is a good idea. The return is Brian Stokes, an at-best league average middle reliever who will probably get eaten alive in the AL. Unfortunately, he also is arbitration eligible, and from what I can tell, the Mets haven't gone there with him.

The Angels managed to save a couple million on salary while getting an expendable commodity, middle relief. This was a deal everyone knew was coming, so yay, I guess.

Update: SOSG observes that the Dodgers got millions more for Juan Pierre, but then, Pierre still had some Beast Mode left in him.

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he was really the best option as a 4th OF and having a good defensive OF is a good thing to have in Anaheim. we're paying over $20 million for him the next 2 years anway.

on the other hand, we get rid of a 'potential' cancer in the clubhouse (Not that i don't think Scioscia could have dealt with it and put a cap on it quickly). And we get another arm.

color me neutral on this.

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