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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Random Stuff I Missed Lately

Angels Top 10 Prospects

Hank Conger still leads the list:
1. Hank Conger, c
2. Peter Bourjos, of
3. Mike Trout, of
4. Trevor Reckling, lhp
5. Garrett Richards, rhp
6. Fabio Martinez, rhp
7. Randal Grichuk, of
8. Tyler Skaggs, lhp
9. Jordan Walden, rhp
10. Trevor Bell, rhp
The large number of recent draftees should be a concern.

Angels Sign Saunders

Joe Saunders signed with the Angels for 2010 on a $3.7M/1 year deal.

Last Place, Again?

Quoth PECOTA, for the Angels in the AL West, with 77 wins. The Dodgers win the NL West with an 86-76 record.

Mark Who?

Prior. Throwing off a mound. With a new agent not named Scott Boras (this time, John Boggs). Immensely sad.

Eric Byrnes A Mariner

Does it matter the cost? Oh, it does? Major league minimum, at least for 2010, and to the M's; the Snakes will eat the rest of his deal.

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"The large number of recent draftees should be a concern."
The one concern is the old age and lack of mobility in the OF, so we'd better hope that the OFs in the system live up to the promise and progress rapidly.

Because of the youth in the projected starting IF and generally in SP, we're not going to need help in these two areas any time soon IMO.

"The large number of recent draftees should be a concern."
It's also mostly a result of being so good this past decade and drafting in the lower half of the first round. And of course some stupid FA signings causing us to lose a few picks.

In short, it'd be nice to have some better OF products ready, but besides that, I like the state of the farm. Sure, it'd be nice to have more depth and you can never have enough pitching but I'm not that concerned because we do have a good core of youth that's landed in Anaheim the last few years.

And PECOTA is not worth a comment.

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