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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sell, Frank, Sell! Craig Calcaterra On The Swirling Dodger Sale Rumors

Probably nothing — unless the bank is going to push him into forfeiture.
This isn't first person reportage or anything, but there is buzz coming from some insiders and writers close to the Los Angeles Dodgers that, while Frank McCourt is going to go to the mat to beat his wife Jamie for ownership of the team, he wants out sooner rather than later and will look to turn around and sell within a year or two of the conclusion of the litigation.

The divorce papers that were made public last fall showed just how leveraged the McCourts truly are. It's no wonder McCourt wants out. After battling his wife to the death and making the crushing debt service on his team, he's going to be broke. Or at least broke in that weird, relatively-insolvent-but-still-eating-out-at-fancy-restaurants-and-living-in-nice-houses kind of way rich people who call themselves broke can get from time to time.

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