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Monday, March 01, 2010

Talk About High Maintenance: Jamie McCourt's Wish List

Via True Blue LA, TMZ lists Jamie McCourt's monthly expenses at $568,829 a month, with the total coming to near double that at $988,845. Double!

The hate will necessarily and rightly attach to Jamie McCourt. And that is, mainly, as it should be. However, for her to ring up these kinds of bills in the first place, Frank had to know about it. This does not speak of someone accustomed to saying "no" to unusual and possibly uneconomic expenses; see, for instance, Joshua Fisher's analysis of her ~$290k/mo. private jet last week. How could Frank not know about this, and what sort of equally obscene, if not more so, personal expenses has he granted himself?

Something to remember next time the Dodgers tell you they don't have $500,000 for a second-round draftee, or $1.5M for a Dominican phenom.

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...let alone all the inner-city baseball fields we could be erecting
Thppt. Thanks for reminding me...

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