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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

MSTI On Paul Oberjuerge's Unfortunate Indiscretion

Doing my job so I don't have to. I'll just say I agree heartily — yes, the McCourts are greedy spendthrifts, no that doesn't make the decline in player payroll intrinsically bad.
[...] I’m not defending the McCourts here, because we all know how horribly they hurt the team this offseason. But Oberjuerge seems to be mistaking “high payroll” for “success”. Sure, the Giants have a higher payroll. But they’re also foolishly paying Barry Zito $18.5m this year, along with $12m to Aaron Rowand and $10m to Edgar Renteria. Those are the players you want? The Mets have the fifth highest payroll in baseball, yet how well are they doing? Tampa is in the bottom half, yet how many of us would prefer to have the players they do?
What saddens me is that the Paul Oberjuerge column sparking this anti-tirade got written in the first place. It almost seems inspired to inflame the sorts of people who find the national ESPN radio shouters enjoyable. (And while I'm here, let me say that it gladdens me to see MSTI injecting a breath of sanity into this rather unbalanced discussion.)

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