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Thursday, April 01, 2010

No Insights To 2010, But Lots Of Stadium Changes: Padres 5, Angels 3

Tonight's game felt disjoint, like the twelve pitchers used by both sides (six apiece). Therefore, a load of bullet points: Update: Thanks for the link, Rev.

Update 4/2: More about this here.


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There are a lot of things worse than Bobby Wilson being on the 25-man roster come opening day. If he isn't, then he's probably in another organization. He is out of options. I would hope they can keep him around, or at least trade him for something useful. He's probably good enough to have a job in the major leagues somewhere, so it would be nice if the team can get something for him if he's not going to play for LA of A.
I suppose that's true. If Bobby Wilson doesn't turn into a useful part, he's due to be traded or released. I can think of better uses than the fate that befell Bobby Jenks, noting well that Jenks at least had the benefit of some sort of superior talent, coupled to a notoriously adrift brain stem.
Wilson was the defensive catcher of the year in the Angels system last season, he's the same age as Mathis to a month, and his offensive line in the minors looks an awful lot like Jeff Mathis' offensive line in the minors.

I think Mathis and Wilson are virtually interchangeable, except that Wilson also has played a fair amount of first base, so could spell Morales for five or ten games a season.
The difference being, I suppose, that Wilson has CS% numbers in AAA hovering around 40%, though it took him until his age 25 season to get a look. That may have more to do with the presence of Mathis than anything Wilson could control. If Wilson starts the season with the Angels and can show he's got a roughly equivalent bat, I can dimly see Jeff Mathis ending up with a team needing a backup catcher, being he's in his first arb year.

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