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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Um... Guys? Guys? Spring Training's Over: Twins 10, Angels 1

This is beginning to recall the manhandlings handed out by the old 80's-era Twins.

And it's no more fun.

Top 9th: Delmon Young goes yard, and it's 10-1 Twins. Anybody want to take over/unders on how long Rodney lasts on the team?

Not overly impressed with Victor Rojas so far, but I can't complain too much, either. "Better than Steve Physioc" is a low bar.

Bottom 9th: There's something utterly appropriate about Robb Quinlan striking out to end the game and lose the series. Bleh.


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I could swear that there are times when Rojas almost seems inaudible. Granted, Phys called his games with oft times a little TOO much oomph/volume, but still, I've wondered if my audio settings were off from time to time. At any rate, he's average, average, average. Not much personality, quite generic - not Geoff Witcher/Joe Buttita-generic, but generic, nevertheless.

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