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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Win #2: Angels 4, A's 3

Funny and invigorating as it was to see the guys in the right field bleachers hold up their placards reading "Matsuiland" in Disneyland gothic script after Hideki Matsui knocked home the winning run on a walkoff single, this win had some of the hallmarks of the ugly last prior games: bullpen collapses (Kevin Jepsen and Scot Shields both surrendering single runs) and offensive futility. (The Angels managed to turn Jeff Mathis' leadoff walk and Erick Aybar's ensuing infield single into an out when Mathis let himself get hit by Aybar's batted ball; and then there was the the fifth, where the Angels turned a men on second and third into bupkus, thanks in part to Howie Kendrick hitting into a double play.)

I guess I shouldn't be looking this gift win in the mouth too much, but the team still smells funny. It's probably best I won't be able to attend tomorrow's game either way, because if they win I have a feeling it will look bad, and if they lose it'll be too dispiriting.

One positive: Brandon Wood out of the lineup. I expect he'll spend a lot of time in some sort of platoon with Maicer Izturis this year.

Unrelated note on AT&T coverage: much better this year than last. I have yet to get stiffed on data coverage at the park, and it feels pretty snappy when I do use data access.

ESPN BoxMLB.com recap

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