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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Annual Trouble With Indecisiveness: Angels 10, Dodgers 1

Top 3rd

Joel Pineiro reached on a swinging strikeout. That is high comedy. Russell Martin made a great attempt in the stands on a pop foul on the first pitch to Maicer Izturis; it deflects off his glove, and a woman narrowly missed giving up her dinner to the Dodger catcher. Izturis bounced into a great double play started by Furcal. But on the play, Pineiro advanced to third, and Bobby Abreu cashed him in to make it 1-0 Angels. Matsui slammed a grounder right at DeWitt to end the frame, but the Angels took the lead early.

Bottom 3rd

Joel Pineiro gets out of the inning, retiring the Dodgers in order, the last out being Andre Ethier lining out to Robb Quinlan at first. It was a "you've gotta be kidding me" moment.

Bottom 4th

After getting Manny to strike out, Pineiro gives up a line drive solo blast just over the glove of Abreu to James Loney to tie the game 1-1. Pineiro retires the next two in order, but the damage is done.

Top 5th

Billingsly walks Pineiro and eventually hits Torii Hunter to load the bases, and then gives up a bases-clearing double to make it 4-1 Angels. The ball tips off Andre Ethier's glove, who narrowly missed making a highlight-reel catch to save the game for the Dodgers.

Bottom 5th

After Martin reaches on an infield single, Billingsley attempts to bunt him over to second, and Pineiro falls on his ass fielding it, so both end up safe. Furcal bounces into a 4-6-3 double play, and Martin strikes out looking to end the threat. Sometimes, you just wanna laugh. Or cry.

Top 6th

Billingsley loads the bases, starting with — uncredibly! — a walk to Joel Pineiro. And that's the end of his day.

So, naturally, Joe Torre brings out ... George Sherrill.

My brain may explode.

Sherrill walks the first batter he faces — Abreu, who is known for his ball-four-friendly approach to the game — to make it 5-1 Angels. Vinny announces that this is the first time Pineiro has scored three runs in his career.

And another bases-clearing double, this one from Hunter (and why is Torre letting Sherrill face righties?), makes it 8-1 Angels. It's becoming a rout pretty early.

Top 8th

Justin Miller got Joel Pinero for the first time tonight. A good sign for the Blue.

Aybar grounded out to short, and the crowd sounded like they could care less. It's been that kind of a night.

Top 9th

Miller's been nails for the Dodgers. Outside of a two-out double to Izturis in the last inning, he hadn't allowed a baserunner. That changes as soon as I wrote that, because he gave up an infield single to late-innings left field replacement Reggie Willits with one out, DeWitt throwing the ball well away from first base, and Loney saving him from an error by leaping off the bag.

Napoli collected the Golden Sombrero with his fourth swish.

Helen: So, will you not say he sucks this time?

No, Howie Kendrick's two-run jack does not suck. 10-1 Angels.

Bottom 9th

Manny bounced out. Easily, cheaply, the whole offensive night for the Dodgers in one at-bat. Two down.

Loney, the only Dodger to drive in a run or score a run, bounced out to end the game. Pineiro got a CG win to go 5-6 on the season.

And the Pads have loaded the bases with one out in the bottom of the ninth in San Diego to jeopardize the Dodgers' division lead.

And the Pads win on a walkoff sac fly.


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